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Scott Sloan

Performance & Business Coach 

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Hi I'm Scott Sloan I'm a Performance and Business Coach.  Trained and Accredited by the best coaching college in the World. Along with completing the best and highest standard Neuro Linguistic Programming course in Australia and the World. I hold Master Practitioner qualifications in Hypnosis and NLP. Also an accredited Edisc trainer


Further to this I have completed both meditation & yoga teacher trainings, a finisher of 5 Ironman events, passionate about health and fitness. 


I specialise in helping people identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by overcoming fears, bad habits, limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviours or phobias. We  dive deep into your unconscious and conscious mind to understand rules and strategies you currently have, which results in the life you have right now. Knowing this we can then re-write, rewire and re-align your inner workings at a conscious and unconscious level to line up with your goals and aspirations. 


I believe that everyone as all the internal resources that they need to achieve anything they desire, only limited by their mind, body and time. 

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, working one on one in Cremorne Melbourne or via zoom.

I look forward to supporting  and elevating you, not only to meet, but exceed your expectation of what you thought was possible for you.

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Who I help

If any of the below sound like You then book in a free call today

  • You feel 'lost' or don't know what decisions to make for the future

  • You realise that you need to change so you business can grow

  • You are experiencing a lack of direction & motivation

  • You feel stuck in your your business

  • You are struggling with your maintaining a positive outlook 

  • You find it hard to get balance in your work, family & social life

  • You want to talk to someone who is totally non-judgemental and 'has your back'

  • You find it hard to be self expressed and say what you really want or feel

  • You want to rid bad patterns or habits or phobias

  • You lack confidence or self esteem or feelings of 'I'm not good enough'

  • You're finding it hard to really believe you can achieve your goals

  • You feel you 'should' be or have something more in life right now, but don't know how to achieve it

who I don't work with

  • You don't want growth

  • You need medical attention (Mental Health Related)

  • You aren't ready to invest in yourself

  • You haven't made the decision to really give this 100%

  • You won't commit to yourself

  • You 'don't have time' (meaning you aren't prioritising yourself)

  • You aren't ready to take personal responsibility

  • You make excuses

Your Journey to Success

Step 1

Book 45 min Discovery call

Step 2

We work together to design your custom program

(3-6 months long)

Step 3

We get to work! 

- I step you through a number of transformational processes

Step 4

We design your future. 

- I step you through a process that imbeds your goals deep in your unconscious. Your goals will basically achieve themselves

Step 5

Celebrate your success


Joe Penman

I was really overwhelmed juggling all my businesses and home life. Scott has been the best investment I've ever made!


Beth Arnold

Anette Vukoje

Emma Robertson

Scott coached me successfully in removing my anxiety. He was open engaging, but most importantly he really made me believe I could do it, AND I DID!! Thanks Scott, a major anxiety has gone which has transformed my life!! Thank you Scott! I urge anyone wanting CHANGE to get coaching from Scott.

I've been a client of Scott's for over three months now and I can honestly say what a huge difference his sessions have made to my clarity and focus for both personal and professional goals. Scott's passion for his work and genuine care factor is obvious in each session. I'd recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to tap into their greatest potential! Thanks Scotty!

Thank you for the clarity you gave me to see a new way in my situation. You have a natural understanding of people, and clear delivery for insight and direction. 

What more can I say"You just get it".


Ready to take massive 


If you want your life to live up to your expectations......

Scott Sloan - Accredited Master Practitioner of NLP  & Hypnosis

Life Coach & Behavioural Strategist

Cremorne VIC 3121