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Scott Sloan

 Life / Performance Coach 

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Hi I am Scott Sloan a Life/Performance Coach. 


Why work with me? 

Many years ago I was at the lowest point in my life unemployed, broke and on a the 🚅 Express Train  going nowhere FAST ⏩, and the next station was the end of the road... 


Then something happened and I had a shift, something within me just ‘Clicked’ and from that point on my life changed. 


I had a fire lit under me, I was unstoppable - completed a Uni Degree, finishing 5 Ironman Triathlon events, and earned a 6 figure salary. 


After a short and sharp marriage that left my life in a free fall, I could see myself slipping back to that horrible place again but thankfully I didn’t let that happen and instead I set out to find that “Click” moment once again.


So after 4 years of study, training and research I discovered how to replicate that “Click” moment which creates a shift powerful enough to kick off massive transformation. 


And I’m so excited to share this with the world.  


 What my coaching involves:

  • Understanding where you currently are in life.

  • Identifying your personal and/or professional goals

  • Lastly understanding and resolving what is stoping you from living your best life. This could include overcoming:   

    • Fears,

    • Bad habits,

    • Limiting beliefs,

    • Unwanted behaviours or

    • Phobias.

How we do this?

We  dive deep into your unconscious and conscious mind to understand rules and strategies you currently have, which results in the life you have right now. Knowing this we can then re-write, rewire and re-align your inner workings at a conscious and unconscious level to line up with your goals and aspirations.


I believe that everyone as all the internal resources that they need to achieve anything they desire, only limited by their mind, body and time. 

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, working one on one in Cremorne Melbourne or via zoom.

I look forward to supporting  and elevating you, not only to meet, but exceed your expectation of what you thought was possible for you.

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Who I help

If any of the below relate to you book in a call with me 

  • Dreaming of a better life, but your life is actually a soul sucking ground hog day

  • Feeling Lost

  • Your at rock bottom or heading that way

  • Watching everyone achieve success around you but your still at the staring line stuck in a dead end job

  • Wanting to be your own boss but can’t get started

  • Wanting a side hustle but have no motivation

  • Your business is struggling and its taking it toll on you and your life

  • Your health has been in steady decline and can’t break the cycle 

  • Having issues in your relationship or seeking a relationship

  • And experiencing regular feelings of:

    • Frustration 

    • Disappointment 

    • Procrastination 

    • Directionless

    • Stuck in a rut 

    • Being out of control 

    • Regularly under achieving

    • Being inadequate/ not good enough  

who I don't work with

  • You want to keep doing what you are doing

  • You are not willing to invest in your self 

  • You aren't ready to to change

  • You want to keep doing what your doing

  • You make excuses

  • You are not open minded 

  • You make excuses

  • You are doing this because your partner made you

Possible outcomes

  • Clear understanding of your whole life at present, including identification of specific areas for improvement;

  • A clear understanding of the options available to move forward in your life and plan to do so; 

  • Ability to again inner processes more with your desired outcomes; 

  • Identification of the hidden drivers of you behaviour;

  • Clear picture of the moments of meaning in your life and an empowering interpretation of those events  to propel you to success;

  • A proven goal-setting system to increase your effectiveness in goal achievement; 

  • More empowered self talk to cut through self sabotage;

  • A measure of your success and clear plan to move forward.

  • Plus many more unique to you


Joe Penman

I was really overwhelmed juggling all my businesses and home life. Scott has been the best investment I've ever made!


Beth Arnold

Anette Vukoje

Emma Robertson

Scott coached me successfully in removing my anxiety. He was open engaging, but most importantly he really made me believe I could do it, AND I DID!! Thanks Scott, a major anxiety has gone which has transformed my life!! Thank you Scott! I urge anyone wanting CHANGE to get coaching from Scott.

I've been a client of Scott's for over three months now and I can honestly say what a huge difference his sessions have made to my clarity and focus for both personal and professional goals. Scott's passion for his work and genuine care factor is obvious in each session. I'd recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to tap into their greatest potential! Thanks Scotty!

Thank you for the clarity you gave me to see a new way in my situation. You have a natural understanding of people, and clear delivery for insight and direction. 

What more can I say"You just get it".


Ready to take massive 


If you want your life to live up to your expectations......

Scott Sloan - Accredited Master Practitioner of NLP  & Hypnosis

Life Coach & Behavioural Strategist

Cremorne VIC 3121